Explore Bournemouth

Explore Bournemouth

Explore Bournemouth

With an estimated population of approximately 160,000 people, Bournemouth is a small town located in Southern England. Due to its vast and sandy beaches, Bournemouth is an important touristic destination. Recent Surveys show Bournemouth is an excellent place to live, its inhabitants being some of the happiest people in England. A good reason for this situation might be the small crime rate. The latest data regarding crime rates in England show Bournemouth rates much lower than any other place in the country.

The 7 miles of golden sand you will find in this area aren’t Bournemouth’s only attraction. As the city lies mostly inland, you can enjoy a long walk through its beautiful pleasure gardens or recreational walks on the Pedestrian Square.

On the East, Bournemouth is directly linked with the famous Jurassic Coast. This is where tourists can enjoy walking on this beautiful 95 miles long shoreline, and witness amazing historical evidence of the existence of dinosaurs. Due to its valuable fossil collection, this coast was recently acknowledged as a World Heritage Site.

Bournemouth’s increasing popularity owes much of it to the famous writer Tolkien. Tolkien had a special relationship with this area and he spent over three decades of his vacations here. Tolkien had a special room for writing in Bournemouth, always at the same hotel, so most of his books were written in Bournemouth. Not surprisingly, after retiring, Tolkien chose to spend his last years in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth’s enormous central park, the Central Gardens, stretches from the city’s center all the way to the sea and along the valley of the River Bourne. These gardens, as well as the clean and quality beaches, have brought Bournemouth several awards over the years.

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